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Dear Horse and Dog Owner,

Like you, we are horse adn dog owners who love our animals. We want them to be healthy, happy and to be able to perform well. As you know, a large part of overall health is joint health. Scientific and experiential evidence shows us that certain nutritional supplements for joint health can be very effective. Our personal experience using joint health supplements with our own animals, supports this evidence. Professional experience in human medicine is also convincing. Many people have reported significant benefits from joint supplements. It is no accident that joint supplements are now a huge business for both humans and animals.

When we looked into purchasing joint health supplements for our own horses, we were appalled by the markup for joint health supplements. We did extensive research and investigation to find out how to obtain the highest quality joint health supplement ingredients, at reasonable prices. When we were successful, we decided to pass our cost savings along to others. We call it EASYGAIT. By keeping the actual work of processing at ‘cottage industry’ level, it is possible to produce a high quality supplement at the lowest possible cost.

Our professional expertise is in medicine and nutrition. Our primary partner is Barbara North Ph.D., MD. Dr. North has over 30 years of experience as a physician in human medicine with emphasis on human nutrition, prevention, and general family medicine. Dr. North is also a medical researcher and holds a Ph.D. in comparative physiology, with focus on nutrition. She is a horse and dog owner with a strong interest in veterinary medicine and has found a strong correlation between human and animal nutrition.

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